Low Voltage Solutions

Low Voltage Solutions

In many industries, including the residential and commercial buildings , low-voltage solutions are an important part of green building. In several ways, low voltage systems provide for a more economical and effective use of material resources and energy. Low voltage systems also reduce the risk of fire caused by accidental contact with high power lines.

A Brief History

The first team that achieved success with electrical generation was Spain in 1849 at a height of 152 feet using mercury vapor lamps which were lit by a 50-watt current using six cells. These first attempts used large amounts of mercury to supply light as well as to generate electricity.

KliQwiK specializes in the design and installation of all information technology systems. We set our selves apart by offering a complete integrated solution including structured cabling, audio- visual, security and fire alarm systems. Under Low Voltage Solutions, we deliver the best all-inclusive structured cabling, fire alarm, security, and audio- visual systems for our esteemed clients.






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Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is defined as a complete system ofcabling and associated hardware, which all provide a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure to communicate data and information via telephone service or computer network.
KliQwiK specializes in the design and installation of structured
cabling systems to provide a connected telecommunications infrastructure for a variety of commercial facilities.

• Voice/Data Cabling
• Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
• Fiber Optic Cabling
• Wi-Fi
• All IP Technology Systems

Audio-Visual Systems

An Audiovisual (AV) System is a system of various electronic media containing both a sound and a visual component often including sound, video, lighting, display, and projection systems. KliQwiK specializes in the design and installation of integrated audio-visual systems in various commercial settings.

• TV monitor installation
• Projectors Systems
• Sound Masking
• Sound Systems
• Paging

Security Systems

An integrated security system is a multi-layered system that uses various components to protect a facility and its inhabitants from unauthorized intrusion and potential threats. KliQwiK specializes in the design and installation of integrated security systems.
• Video Surveillance; CCTV/IP Video Systems
• Access Control Systems
• Intrusion Systems
• Rescue Assistance
• Emergency Campus Phones

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system has a number of devices communicating necessary data in order to detect and notify people through audio and visual appliances when smoke, fire, or other emergencies are present in a facility.

KliQwiK specializes in the design and installation of fire alarm systems.
• Detection, Communication, and Integration
• Parts & Smarts
• Pull & Trim Service